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034 Mindful living | Chantal Vanderhaeghen

Live life by the moment and don’t wish it away
— Chantal Vanderhaeghen -

Finding her way to showing up for herself has led Chantal to show other women that we can do something great in any part of our lives. Chantal has invested in learning many tools to support her to create a life she loves to live. We talk about the more practical aspects and benefits of living mindfully.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Chantal

Chantal Vanderhaeghen

We spoke about 

  • Showing up for herself after hiding behind a façade

  • What mindful living is and it’s benefits

  • What being present means to Chantal

  • What gets in the way of mindful living

  • Connecting back to your home

  • Making mindful living practical

  • Living a full rich life

  • The power of creating a sacred space

  • Living life simply with love and kindness

Value Quotes 

“I didn’t have tools when I first started out and I didn’t know how to support myself. And these are the tools that have given me a lot in my life to create the life that I have today”

“I didn’t realise the menopause had all these emotional side-effects attached it”

“Mindful living for me is being conscious and aware of everything that I’m doing in my life no matter how small or how big”

“We do things mindlessly because it’s automatic”

“Enjoy life to it’s absolute fullest. Enjoy being fearless and adventurous.  Enjoy being courageous. Never ever give up no matter what happens in your life. You are unique you are enough, you’re more than enough”

“Live life by the moment and don’t wish it away”

“Live life to the fullest the way you want to live but not how others think you should”

“Either you go to your space or you stay in your bed with your space or you go and sit in your garden. And that is where you get those beautiful moments of insights”

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