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033 Exercise deliberate choice | Debbi Carberry

The story we tell women I think is really sad right now which is ‘you can have everything’. I think that’s cruel… because with that comes a massive burden
— Debbi Carberry -

A roller coaster of a story where Debbi learned so many lessons from her son who defied the medical prognosis given at a routine 18 week pregnancy scan.  I love Debbi’s philosophy that life gives you what you need and even though it can be a rough road, for me it is a metaphor of tumbling stones to get to the diamond.  Debbi shares amazing insights into human connection and our ability to change our hard wiring laid down in early childhood.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Debbi

033 Exercise deliberate choice Debbi Carberry

We spoke about 

  • A life changing decision

  • Dealing with an unsolvable challenge

  • Making a choice to let go of fear

  • Learning that we are not in control

  • The value of an optimistic outlook

  • Being the queen of self-care or being selfish?

  • The myth of having it all and being all

  • The joy of being a fearless 20 year old

  • Connection and the neuroplasticity of the brain

  • Exercising deliberate choice

  • Retraining your brain around sleep

Value Quotes 

“I have a philosophy that life gives you what you need”

“I would attack my life with fervour. It would be just like pumping through things and he kind of brought me to my knees”

“It was a rollercoaster ride where I would just get so incredibly fearful. So I lived in fear for about 6 – 8 years thinking is today the day”

“You need to stop it. You made a decision to let him live, you chose that. You need to let him live…”

“It wasn’t an option to fall in a heap on the floor. It just wasn’t an option. I was a single parent”

“I couldn’t be self-indulgent I needed to go ok what has to happen today and I think that helped me to get through that really difficult first 4 years”

“I’ve sacrificed a lot over the years and now it’s my turn and I’m loving it”

“If we do not take care of ourselves. If we are not happy then what are we giving to the people around us?”

“The story we tell women I think is really sad right now which is ‘you can have everything’. I think that’s cruel… because with that comes a massive burden”

“Looking back at my 20 year old self I grin from ear to ear because she was so fearless and so courageous and probably extraordinarily naïve”

“There’s this very interesting dance that goes on where we learn how to get our needs met and we knew that from mums and babies… this is a kind of blueprint for how we do all our relationships into adulthood”

“What we do repeatedly becomes an automated pattern of behaviour so what we need to do is when we struggle in this is not to go down that well-worn path”

“What’s the pay-off of not sleeping? That’s the first question I would ask”

“If your brain is just noisy what are you doing to download that data?”

“Don’t be complacent. Grab onto every opportunity that comes your way”

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