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032 Step forward into what you really want | Elizabeth Williamson

It’s really important when you’re faced with a difficulty or a challenge that’s ongoing and sometimes feels insurmountable, that we give ourselves time for the difficult feelings
— Elizabeth Williamson -

Imagine as a result of an operation becoming completely immobile and having to learn to walk again?

Elizabeth’s story is inspirational and her spirit and quest to live the best life are both moving and truly motivational.  The humour and creativity that Elizabeth brings to her daily life is extraordinary and had me realise that it’s the lens we use on our situation that can change our outcomes.

This is an interview that will make you not want to settle for a second best life and step forward into what you really want to do in your life.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Elizabeth

Elizabeth Williamson

We spoke about

Elizabeth’s career as a counsellor and conflict resolution specialist

The life changing impact of an operation and the gruelling rehabilitation

Finding a way to be with the experience of grief

Focus on being the most positive person in the ward and gym

Neuroplasticity of the brain in the healing process

Bringing creativity and humour into the difficult experiences

Choosing your attitude for the day

The art of sadness and learning to create fun

Living with daily courage and humour

Love, support and generosity of friends

The passion to build a business courageously

Looking at fear differently

Compassion and self-care 

Value Quotes

“I have a real passion about creating a legacy for the future in our families and for our children”

“..creating workplaces where the inevitable conflicts and tensions are not avoided or escalated but seen as creative opportunities”

“If I had really understood what the progress would be post-surgery, I don’t think I would have managed”

“I thought re learning to walk was just like when there’s a tingle in your legs and they are numb in the morning and the feeling comes back, that’s what I thought would be happening for me”

“It took more courage than I could have understood at the time.  It took more humour than I could have understood at the time and more sadness, you know really having to understand grief and loss in a new way”

“It’s been a long slow journey back”

“I get the sensation of the nerves flowing through my body.  It’s an astounding experience”

“Determination needs lots of laughter, a little bit of competition and a little bit of anger”

“I joke now that I walk like I’m drunk when I’m sober. Well I walked back then like I was 4 or 5 or 17 sheets to the wind”

“We do have a choice about how we manage chronic pain but it is a daily choice and for people living with a disability or chronic pain it’s often a choice they have to make several times a day”

“It’s really important when you’re faced with a difficulty or a challenge that’s ongoing and sometimes feels insurmountable that we give ourselves time for the difficult feelings”

“I wasn’t going to settle for a second best life.  Whatever my physical possibilities were going to be I was going to live the very best life I could”

“There’s lots of value to be found in the difficult experiences”

“That decision to live a best life possible means just very small daily courage”

“One of the amazing outcomes for me is to understand so much more about compassion”

“We need to have rich, full lives which are full of the dark and the light”

“I have a joke that I start off with saying that I have a conflict with gravity and you’ll see me wobble as well as other conflicts we have in life”

“We have to live our lives being our very best friend”

“If I reach out and very simply make 5 or 10 people smile. My mood will be better and I’ll have raised my head, my eyes and my attitude and my emotions”  

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