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053 Stress less and have more Energy | Reneau Peurifoy

Stress is just a message that you have some business to take care of
— Reneau Peurifoy -

An author and specialist in anxiety disorders, Reneau Peurifoy joins me and we explore stress in a very practical and accessible way including its impact on our lives. 

When you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep the truth is that many times you aren't having a sleep issue. You are having a stress issue. When we stress less we have more energy to create the life we love to live instead of expending energy on things that may never happen.

If you (or someone in your life) has difficulty physically, mentally or emotionally with the impacts of ongoing stress set aside time to listen to what Reneau shares on the subject with some really great tips on how to worry well.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Reneau Peurifoy

We spoke about 

  • The difference between stress vs stressors

  • How we respond to positive vs negative stress

  • The problem of ongoing or chronic stress

  • Busting myths about stress

  • Why people react to stress so differently

  • Types of things that trigger stress

  • Effectively managing short and long-term stress

  • A checklist of strategies to deal with stress

  • Addressing “what if” thinking or negative anticipation

  • 3 fabulous tips to be in your happy space

Value Quotes 

“Stress is designed to help your body function more effectively when you have a demand on it”

“Any danger that you perceive or any threat, your body responds to it as it it’s now, even if it’s just a thought”

“You look at any picture of a president when they first take office and when they leave office and it looks like they’ve aged two decades”

“You can deal with short term stress very effectively. It’s that chronic ongoing stress that’s very wearing on the body”

“Any strong emotion will reduce your ability to think logically”

“People who have panic attacks have a much more reactive body”

“Stress is just a message that you have some business to take care of”

“You need to have an awareness that stress is getting to you”

“When stress starts to affect you, you become more black and white in your thinking”

“If you know you’re under stress and if it’s possible delay making important decisions”

“People who worry tend to overestimate the odds that something is going to happen and then they catastrophise how awful it’s going to be”

“So much of it is so automatic that we don’t realise how irrational we can be sometimes”

“In our modern technological world, we are most impoverished is, in our relationships”

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