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086 Sources of toxins in food and water | Bev Roberts

We live in a first world country and we have access to tap water which comes from our water board. So our water board are governed by rules and regulations. They need to test the water and we start to make an assumption that the water we are drinking is fit for us. However the Environmental Working Group found in their testing that there were more than 140 contaminants from tap water!
— Bev Roberts -

Our environment, what we eat and drink has a direct bearing on our health and well-being. Foods in a bag, box, can or jar that we use for convenience is often laden with toxic chemicals and additives which our body is not designed to process.

In addition we are facing the long term neurotoxic damage and other impacts of deadly levels of pesticides in conventional produce including tea and other dry goods. Be alert not alarmed is the message in this episode as awareness is the first line of defensive action.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from your host, Bev Roberts.

I spoke about

  • Why processed foods are a no no

  • The dangers of conventional produce

  • How food contamination can occur

  • 3 key ways to protect yourself from toxins in food

  • How contaminants are recycled in water

  • Why pharmaceuticals are found in tap water

  • The impact of industrial and agricultural contaminants

  • Why bottled water is not an easy fix

  • 3 key ways to protect yourself from toxins in water

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