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072 Follow your gut instinct | Soness Stevens

I know one out of four women suffers from losing a baby but this frequently... there’s something wrong and not even a single doctor would even investigate a solution
— Soness Stevens -

How is it possible that after years of mystery chronic illness and multiple miscarriages, Soness Stevens finds a relatively common solution through an alternative practitioner? Her story highlights the complexity of the body and the injustice of a medical system that fails to take the whole person and their history into consideration.

Soness shares openly about her journey of grief and loss with multiple miscarriages in the hope that we can all learn from her story and listen to and act on our instincts.

We Spoke About

  • Soness' well-being journey

  • The challenges experienced with the medical system

  • Complexity of mystery chronic illnesses

  • Feeling shame rather than feeling supported

  • Strategies for remaining resilient

  • Finding an alternative solution

  • Sharing stories to create dynamic change

  • Soness' tips for Living Fabulously

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