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092 A natural cure for yeast overgrowth | Dr Gordon Pedersen

I was looking for something that wasn’t an antibiotic... because the side-effect profiles were so bad that they almost became humorous
— Dr Gordon Pedersen -

In this episode you will hear from Dr Gordon Pedersen, an inspiring bestselling author with an impressive list of qualifications yet he is down to earth and passionate about making a difference. You may recognise his name as a co-author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Enriched Soul’.

Dr Pedersen says: “Approximately one in four women will be suffering from some kind of vaginal problem. Yeast infections, staph infections, and human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause problems that range from irritation to life-threatening concerns.”

Yet there is a natural cure for these that has become Dr Pedersen’s life’s work that he kindly shares insights on in our interview.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Dr Gordon Pedersen.

We spoke about

  • Why we are seeing dramatic increases of drug resistant “Super Bugs”

  • Why Gordon wrote his book, “The Silver Miracle: Why Silver is the greatest tool for restoring and protecting health ever discovered by science”

  • The role of structured alkaline silver in addressing the problem

  • Are there side-effects or dangers of using structured alkaline silver

  • How structured alkaline silver can change the lives of women suffering from female-specific health problems

  • The powerful legacy for “The Silver Miracle”

  • Gordon’s tips for Living Fabulously

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