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093 The impact of sugar addiction on you and your business | Bev Roberts

We need to disrupt the pattern and the first way is to give the body what it needs and then work out the behavioural elements to address
— Bev Roberts -

In this pro bono coaching session, Sofie shares the reality of how sugar addiction has had knock on effects that impacted her ability to run her business.

As you listen you will recognise how easily we create patterns that don’t serve us and over time they become mindless habits. Another key is that nutritional deficiency can exacerbate cravings.

We spoke about

  • Why Sofie wanted to work with Bev

  • Sofie’s ongoing relationship with sugar

  • The future Sofie paints for her health

  • What Sofie has tried to resolve her sugar cravings

  • The significant impacts on Sofie and her business

  • Easy actions for Sofie to address her cravings

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