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091 How sleep deprivation impacts your business | Bev Roberts

This is not going to change over night because it’s been a problem for so many years, but it’s completely possible
— Bev Roberts -

In this pro bono coaching session, Julie shares the reality of how sleep deprivation has impacted her ability to run her business.

As you listen you will recognise that it’s not what we know but rather what we do consistently that makes the difference for all aspects of our health including quality sleep.

We spoke about

  • Why Julie wanted to work with Bev

  • Julie’s 30+ year dance with sleep deprivation

  • The future Julie paints for her health

  • What Julie has tried to resolve her sleep issues

  • The significant impacts on Julie and her business

  • 3 doable actions for Julie to address her sleep issues

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Can’t sleep? Won’t sleep? What if you got the restful sleep your body has been longing for? Sleeping well is the difference between surviving and thriving