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Elena Bensonoff

087 Embracing illness as a friend and guide | Elena Bensonoff

Silence is crucial because we have to be able to listen to what our body has to tell us. Often times we ask people ‘how are you’ right? But how often do we ask ourselves how am I? So this is a very important daily question we have to ask ourselves
— Elena Bensonoff -

In this episode you will meet an amazing practitioner, Elena Bensonoff. She is an expert in the field of energy medicine complemented by functional and integrative medicine to support people to heal. Elena explains that every single organism that is interacting with our morphogenic field leaves information even when we eliminate that organism.

Elena believes that as a patient we are taught to give our power away to pills or whoever we are seeing in order to fix us yet healing has to take place inside ourselves.

If you or anyone you love is dealing with chronic or mystery illness you will recognise the truth of what Elena shares and learn the difference between feeling the victim versus being absolutely in charge.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Elena Bensonoff.

We spoke about

  • Elena’s own well-being journey

  • How she came to utilise energy medicine

  • Why it’s important to embrace our illness

  • Elena’s new book, “Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening your inner healer”

  • Effective communication between body, mind and soul

  • Why 10 minutes of stillness each day is critical

  • The interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul

  • The powerful legacy for “Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening your inner healer”

  • Elena’s tips for Living Fabulously

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