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030 Knowing how to resolve conflict is good for you | Glyn Conlon

I like when I can say that I can move on now. I’ve dealt with it instead of distracting or going around the issue to revisit it later on
— Glyn Conlon -

We all know what it feels like to have a prickly conversation or not feel heard. Glyn Conlyn is a highly experienced coach and trainer who specialises in non-violent or compassionate communication.  She promotes communicating simply and easily to allow others to more clearly hear our communication.  Glyn works to build understanding in relationships between friends, couples, families, in the workplace and with partners in business. 

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Glyn

Glyn Conlon

We spoke about 

  • The role of a certified non-violent communication trainer
  • The impact of conflict and not being heard from the playground to the workplace
  • Ideas on allowing for time to speak with truth
  • What compassionate vs violent communication are
  • The benefits of compassionate communication for self and others
  • Why knowing how to resolve conflict is good for you
  • Improving your overall ability to resolve disputes
  • The 4 step process Glyn teaches for compassionate communication
  • Your attention and intention in the moment
  • Getting oneself out of a downward spiral in 5 key steps
  • Glyn’s many tips for living fabulously

Value Quotes 

“I’m really careful about telling the truth with care which is different to out and out honesty.”

“What I’ve realised with compassionate communication is that you don’t need to have the quantity of time but you need to know how to access the quality of communication”

“You make a time to put effort into your relationship”

“Everyone is acting from trying to meet a need”

“Personal power, confidence and competence is within everyone’s reach”

“It allows to you understand yourself without judgement and to understand others without needing to agree”

“I like when I can say that I can move on now. I’ve dealt with it instead of distracting or going around the issue to revisit it later on”

“It’s amazing that it’s possible to correct what led to the problem in the first place and prevent future conflicts by doing this”

“If you have that intention to connect that’s really important”

“Surround yourself with others that listen deeply and are not morally judging your thoughts and actions”

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