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002 The healing is in the feeling | Kay Bayly

Always check in to what you feel
— Kay Bayly -

So refreshing to speak to a practitioner who has a practical way of “taking the weeds out of the garden” of our lives. Kay Bayly is a money mindset specialist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.  She specialises in helping female entrepreneurs to break through their money blocks in the areas of income, savings, debt and more.  

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Kay


  • What Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is

  • Tapping stimulating the acupuncture points of the upper body

  • How Tapping calms down the stress response

  • Seeing our problems more clearly through a different mindset and less emotion

  • The difference between the use of affirmations and saying how we feel while Tapping

  • Tapping can be used for so many challenges we deal with in our lives

  • Many challenges like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be gone in several treatments

  • When things have lots of aspects to them it can take time to uncover the underlying feelings

  • Getting people out of their heads, connected to their feelings and saying the truth

  • Acceptance that our feelings that are part of us instead of pushing them down and denying them

  • Changing the feelings like anger to understanding or hurt to acceptance

  • Not taking people where they don’t want to go and keeping people safe between sessions

  • The tapping points and the process of tapping

  • Checking in to your feelings and be aware of ways you are trying to soothe your “pain”

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Value Quotes

“We are changing the way the brain sees the emotion”

“Every time you start to feel stressed, upset, worried, you eat and try bury the feeling”

“The healing is in the feeling”

“The real benefit in tapping is when we talk what you’re really thinking and feeling rather than generalities”

“You can’t mess tapping up, it’s a very forgiving process”

“Always check in to what you feel”

“Imagine having a tool that helps you deal with the feelings as they come up”

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