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003 You're tougher than you know | Mary

Always make an informed decision that’s right for you
— Mary -

Talking to Mary was so life affirming and inspirational.  If you’ve ever felt your problems were more than you could handle, listen to this beautiful mum talk about her quest for life for her children.  Her optimism, zest for life and sensibility about her situation is a wonderful life lesson.

Inspire yourself with these amazing insights from Mary

We spoke about

  • How important it is to be positive and happy

  • Taking every opportunity that comes our way

  • Having a purpose in life

  • Taking one day at a time

  • Keeping things simple

  • Doing what keeps us happy and keeps stress at bay

  • Not worrying about what other people think

  • Finding strength when facing life’s hurdles

  • Surrounding yourself with people that make you happy

  • Taking back control and make decisions that work for you

  • Making time for yourself

  • The power of sleep

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Value Quotes

“Physical pain is easy to set aside if you have spiritual strength and happiness”

“Wellbeing is a state of mind”

“I believe it would be ungrateful to feel sorry for myself or not take every opportunity that comes my way”

“I need to stay positive so that I can do the things that I need to do as a mother for my kids”

“These are the cards I’ve been dealt and I will gladly play them for as long as I’m allowed”

“You’re tougher than you know you are”

“Life’s going to throw hurdles at you that you would never see coming”

“You find strength in things you never thought possible”

“You can’t remake memories, the time passes and you lose it”

“Always make an informed decision that’s right for you”

“Follow your instincts and 99% of the time it leads you to the right place”

“You know yourself better than anyone else”

“It’s your decision and your life”

“If you feel fabulous then you’ll be fabulous and have a fabulous life”

“Sleep with a clear mind”

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