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082 Detoxing for hormone health | Jeanette Shipston

If your hormones are not being managed or balanced correctly; if they are not able to be processed then you’ve got a problem. So then you have to go back to your liver, because your liver is responsible for the absolute metabolism of every single hormone and chemical in your body.
— Jeanette Shipston -

Talking about hormone health with Jeanette Shipston creates those light bulb moments when you link unlike things together! The hormones, the digestive and immune system are all interrelated.

As a qualified and highly experienced naturopath plus having worked as a nurse, of course we dive into the detail of links between hormones, detoxification and weight.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Jeanette Shipston.

We spoke about

  • Jeanettes's passion for naturopathy

  • Hormones and maintaining a healthy weight

  • Resetting your hormones

  • The relationship between fat storage and toxins

  • Impact of a detox protocol on the body

  • Frequency on detoxing the body

  • Jeanette’s tips for Living Fabulously

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