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081 Detoxing for brain health | Dr Tom O'Bryan

Never before in the history of humanity have we had this threat to our health that we have now... the accumulative damage of constant electro-magnetic pollution from wireless devices
— Dr Tom O'Bryan -

Your immune system is fighting hard to protect you and from personal experience I agree with Dr Tom, an internationally recognised speaker, author and expert on chronic disease and metabolic disorders.

Dr Tom shares that while we think the symptoms of a disease is the problem, it’s the activation of the autoimmune system trying to protect you from inflammation that is the cause. A reality check is that wheat sensitivity is a primary contributor to many autoimmune mechanisms so knowing your triggers is key.

Dr Tom's goal is to teach people to give them the information that they can use to protect their and their family’s brains. Take heart and know that the things you can do to protect your brain, protect your entire body.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Dr Tom O'Bryan, author of You can fix your Brain.

We spoke about

  • Dr Tom's passion for great health

  • Why it’s important to understand B4 (breach of the blood brain barrier)

  • How the toxic environment we live in affects the brain

  • Why knowing your bio-markers is important

  • The impact of Electro Magnetic Fields on our brains

  • The legacy of Dr Tom's book, You can fix your Brain

  • Dr Tom’s tips for Living Fabulously

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